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Families are complex institutions. What happens with one member can reverberate throughout the home, sometimes in ways that are less than obvious.


Let Dr. Barry Binder PhD help you explore the dynamics within your family and how they impact both the individuals and the unit as a whole.


Effective counseling can help everyone deal with a range of issues.

•  Job changes

•  Family structure changes

•  Step-parents

•  Step-siblings

•  Developmental changes, and more

Deal With Changes in Your Family

Counseling families and children since 1980

Changes like separation, divorce, or a death in the family can be particularly difficult for children and adolescents.


Dr. Binder brings 27 years of experience as a school psychologist to his office. He knows how to counsel children between the ages of 6 and 18.

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Trust your family to a caring, confidential environment